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10 Startling benefits of Lemon that will make you amaze

Amazing benefits of lemon


Benefits of lemon that we are going to see today are really amazing.

We are all geared up in the new year with tons of aspirations and heaps of resolutions all bagged up. But if we dive down the memory lane; we observe how the 2 years of Covid-19 pandemic were a sheer roller-coaster; furthermore, it gave a completely new trajectory to our lifestyle. All of us became geeks searching online for the foods that escalated our immunity, metabolism and overall made the body’s virus-fighting mechanism robust.

But among all this, there was a tiny yellow ingredient in particular that gradually became part of our daily routine. And yes, my friends you are on the right track guessing the name of it; it was obviously a no-brainer and that is a ‘lemon’. Among the dark clouds of Covid-19, this was our silver lining. Well, don’t fall for its size; this little guy bags up tons of medicinal benefits and can be of great use. Yes today we are going to see the benefits of lemon.

The Origin of Lemon?

Although the exact genesis of lemon is not known. Research suggests that they originated in north-western India, furthermore, it was cultivated in Egypt and Iran around 700 AD. Scurvy was a savage disease caused by the lack of vitamin ‘C’ that was commonly faced by the Pirates and the sailors, who would voyage long distances and their meals lacked the inclusion of fruits and vegetables.

This caused the ulceration of gums and loss of teeth, but it was later discovered that by preparing juice made by citrus fruits such as lemon would magically compensate the loss of vitamin ‘C’ further also brightening the teeth with its acidic properties.

Why is lemon such a super amazing fruit with loads of benefits?

At some point in time, you may have suffered from the annoying common cold and flu, or may have encountered the (H1N1) swine flu; the benefits of lemon can be seen as it acts as a vital antioxidant against them, just by consuming lemon with warm distilled water nullifies and cuts down the disease to ground-zero. After a long day’s hard work, it puts a smile on your face if someone offered you a glass of lemon juice, that is because lemon compensates and hydrates your entire body, which makes you feel refreshed again. While water is also an excellent liquid for hydration, but adding lemon upscales the overall taste and the added benefit.

Research shows that the smell of a lemon solely can alter a person’s mood and make him feel calmer and more composed. Hence whenever you are in a posh venue you are more often greeted with a lemony scent. Lemon is mostly the foremost choice in dishes in order to get that sour taste. While visiting a restaurant, at the end you are served a finger – bowl with lemon inside, which soaks in and removes all those nasty oils on your fingers after a wholesome meal. And the list goes on and on.

But let us have a sneak-peek at those

10 Startling benefits of lemon that make it our wholesome choice.

1. Assists in weight loss.

We have all been stigmatic at some point of time to step on the weight machine and the anxiety sweat dripping when the KG’s (pounds) are revealed. However, now you can take a sigh of relief because research shows that lemons are a potent partner to help you drain those extra tensions and extra calories. As the consequence of the vital vitamin ‘C’ present in ample quantity and the added antioxidants all aid in the digestion, burning those extra stored fat at the same time detoxifying the overall body.


The whole notion is to burn the stored fats; however, experts suggest that the the benefits of lemon can be seen in weight loss by intake time of lemon which is equally important. Lemons are a threshold for nutrients like fiber and essential minerals like potassium, Vitamin B6. It aids the overall body if consumed early in the morning on an empty stomach.

 Few people are aware that Lemon incorporates within its core a vital nutrient called ‘Pectin’ which significantly helps in reducing those little cravings and overall maintaining a balanced diet at the same time boosting your metabolism.

2. Aids the Digestion process: –

If you had a rough night twisting and turning on the bed, struggling to get rid of your indigestion and constipation problems. Lemon is going to put a full stop to all your sleepless nights. In digestion process the benefits of lemon can be seen because of its acidic properties, makes it ideal to consume after meals as it helps in breaking down certain foods like oats, cereals, non-veg, etc. Consider this as an added bonus to your digestion process; the properties in lemon help to absorb the aluminum hydroxide in the antacid, hence fighting against ulcers, stomach cramps.

3. Boosts your immunity: –

It needs no introduction to the fact that we all understood the vitality of the immune system in our bodies because of the covid-19 pandemic. We all have scratched our heads searching for the ideal dish to quickly compensate for the loss of immunity. Research reveals that taking lukewarm water infused with 1-2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice added with chia seeds and a pinch of salt can be an ideal drink to boost your immunity level if consumed twice a week. You can also include this beverage as a part and parcel of your daily regime.

4. Helps in regulating blood pressure: –

The citrus acid in lemon proves to be a powerful ingredient to lower down blood – pressure rates. The benefits of lemon can be seen by the vitamins and minerals present in them which keep your heart healthy and significantly drop the chances of high blood pressure. A recent study conducted by 101 Japanese women showed that the intake of daily lemon juice combined with walking can aid in reduced systolic blood pressure (SBP) levels. This result is credited to the citric acid and the flavonoid content of lemon.

5. Rejuvenates and improves skin


The antioxidants and vitamin ‘C’ which are natural fruit acids, may help in reducing skin damage and premature aging. Lemons have high pH levels; as a result, they can reduce oil on the skin. Further refreshing the skin. IT also contains acids that naturally lighten your skin, thus covering age spots, acne, scars. However, it has also been observed that the acids present in the lemon can cause mild irritation, a sting on your skin; therefore, it is advisable to consider any allergies before application.

6. Prevents Kidney stone

Kidney stones can be one of those treacherous moments, and if you have passed a kidney stone you know exactly the pain caused by it. Many patients have also compared the intense sudden pain to that of a child’s birth. Kidney stones are formed especially when the urine in the kidney is super-saturated and no longer able to contain enough stone-preventing substances. While one of those important substances is citrate.

For people with kidney stones, the doctors usually prescribe them with potassium citrate. However, lemon juice can be an effective natural alternative, on the other hand, while consuming lemon wouldn’t be as strong and quick as its counterpart but, it does not have any side effects that give it a one-up. Lemon basically fills in the gap of deficiency of citrate and thus hinders the formation of kidney stones. Doctors also recommend lemon therapy to prevent stones.

7. Prevents stroke and cardiac arrest.

Lemons being packed with essential vitamins, minerals, plant compounds like iron, phosphorous, zinc, also having many therapeutic contents make it an apt medication for lowering down the chances of strokes and helps you to maintain a healthy heart. One lemon contains 31 mg of vitamin C, which constitutes 51% of RDI. All this significantly cuts down the chances of stroke and heart attacks.

8. Acts as a refresher: cuts foul breath

Anyone can relate to the annoying feeling when u smell foul breath coming out of your mouth. We can see the benefits of lemon here too. This happens because the food particles manage to hide themselves in the cavities of your teeth; further the bacteria sit on these food particles; as a result, foul-smelling sulfur compounds are emitted out of your mouth. But there is no need to worry as lemon saves the day once again. Just suck on a lemon wedge or consume lemon juice and you now have a fresh breath. Lemon juice is considered as a go to choice when it comes to cutting down smelly breath, because the antioxidants in the lemon help to neutralize odors.

9. Helps to reduce cholesterol levels

Lemon is loaded with nutrients. Just a single cup delivers approximately 187 percent of the RDA of vitamin C, 8% of the RDA of folate, and 9% of potassium. Being loaded with antioxidants and flavonoids, it significantly reduces the risk of neurodegenerative diseases. According to recent research, which goes to show that lemon juice can largely cut down cholesterol levels and overall improve cardiovascular health. Studies show that higher levels of vitamin ‘C’ in our bloodstream can significantly aid in reduced cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels. This in turn also helps to maintain a steady metabolism and overall gives your body enough nutrients to kickstart the day right.

10. Used for garnishing

We can see the benefits of lemon in garnishing too. People seldom know that every part of this citrus fruit can be put to some significant uses. The zest (outer skin) of the lemon is a vital ingredient while garnishing juices. The zest is usually cut precisely and turned and twisted into creative shapes and patterns that are then placed on a high-ball, martini, or any other glass for that matter, which instantly upscales the overall experience of consuming the juice.

The Takeaway: –

The above benefits of lemon show that lemon no doubt has some vital nutrients and minerals that aid our entire body. It is just the right ingredient to give your day a head start. It is a holy grail for the people who want to cut down those extra calories, and the list goes on and on. Every part and portion of this fruit can be used which goes on to show that it is a gift from God, and its uses only further speaks about his marvelous and amazing creations.

On this note do let us know how lemon benefited your daily life, and don’t forget to speak your heart out in the comment section.

Now before you depart, have a look at some:

Gripping lemon facts

  1. Lemons are technically berries.
  2. Historians and researchers believe that lemons have been around since the first century A.D.
  3. The three most commonly used varieties of lemons are Bearss, Eureka, and Lisbon.
  4. An average lemon contains 8 seeds
  5. California and Arizona produce 95% of the entire lemon crops.
  6. A decent-sized lemon holds 3 tablespoons

We believe that the above benefits of lemon has really been a benefit to you. We encourage you to share it with your family, friends and relatives. 

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